Some of the foundation programmes include:

  1. MOBILISING Resources and support for special rural community projects to assist in alleviating poverty, diseases and other forms of social ills or depreciation among people.
  2. ENGAGING in, promoting, supporting and carrying out activities aimed at providing greater access to education, healthcare and welfare facilities for women, children and the family.
  3. IMPARTING income generating skills and recreational handicap techniques to women and youths for self-reliant activities.
  4. ESTABLISHING youth friendly centers that will cater for the needs of adolescent school drop-outs, as well as transfer simple skills through formal and non-formal education programmes.
  5. ORGANISING promoting or assisting to organize seminars, symposia, training and workshops on issues affecting the family and the society at large.
  6. EDUCATING the community on issues of development, justice and peace as it affects their personal lives and initiate community development projects such as schools, health centers, boreholes libraries etc.
  7. PROMOTING comprehensive economic, social, cultural and political process which aims at the constant improvement of the well-being of the general populace.

Friday 21 Aug 2009
People and environment
Will foster the overall development of the people and environment as a means to lasting peace, love and righteousness among mankind.